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How about a range of home accessories for your pet? Cutting edge retro styling to fit in with our usual off the wall products. Coming early 2020.......

About Us

'The reinvention of furniture'

Let's face it, buying furniture isn't something you generally get too excited about right? WRONG! Here at The engine room we design and make furniture you can get excited about. 100% bespoke, 100% badass... Our engine tables & auto inspired pieces are nothing you'll see anywhere else. Our tables, with a range of custom extras to suit your lifestyle are turning heads & demanding attention across the globe, so no more 'keeping up with the Jones's because they've been left on the starting grid. Visit The Engine Room online or make an appointment to see us in person to discuss your ideas. Choose from our Stock items immediately available, or have us make you a custom piece enabling you to have your item tailor made specifically for you. If you have an idea or even half an idea, your own engine or an engine you want us to acquire then take advantage of our free design service & book a consultation with our owner & product designer Kristian who will guide you through the process to make your idea a reality for your home or office. You can visit us by appointment at our flagship Northampton site, our Leicester site (opening November) or contact us through our booking form, by telephone or by email. Your furniture is about to be 'Pimped'!

Our Reviews

We have received numerous amazing reviews from our clients, telling us how they have made the most of our design service & products, this has been brought about by our hands on approach. We give customers a say when it comes to the service & products that we offer, & they have enthusiastically responded. Some companies may find reviews to be bothersome, Not us, we believe they help us deliver a better experience for all of our customers & that's invaluable.

Our Furniture

Every piece at The Engine Room is made by Kristian Fox, our owner & designer. Kristian has been making furniture for over 25 years. Working alongside some of the leading furniture designers here in the UK as well as the US. Making pieces for the likes of film director Guy Ritchie - Fashion Designer Stella McCartney - Actor & Singer/Songwriter Tyrese 'Fast & Furious' Gibson as well as numerous other projects you can follow on our FB page https://www.facebook.com/the.engine.room.co.uk/

Furniture features.......

Every piece from us can be further customised with our range of accessories, many of which carry our exclusive patent, such as - Remote control colour change LED lighting, powered by a rechargable power bank situated inside a dummy Nitrous bottle - Hidden retractable 'wrench' bottle opener - speedometer style analogue clock - phone charger, again powered by the Nitrous bottle power bank. Authentic decals & badges & can even have internal Bluetooth speakers so that you can play music or with the 'engine room' phone app even make your table start up & growl like a true engine.

Our prices

Here at the engine room we make one of a kind furniture so every single piece that leaves us is different to the last. Table prices start from £125 & we offer a multitude of accessories from Nitrous style lamps, snap-on style mini toolbox stationary holders, to wall art. If you don't see it, ask us and we'll make it & with our bespoke design service you can rest assured the final piece will look jaw dropping in your home.


With so many projects going on at the engine room we make use of everything to hand so you'll often see random items pop up for a very low price. This could be a gear cog pen holder or it could be a prototype table you never know. These items sell very quickly so it's always worth checking in or asking us because you never know what might appear........

Free design consultation

Take advantage of our completely free service, get the choice to meet or telephone our head of design & go through any requirements or ideas you want to integrate into your piece. It may be that you want something simple like different colours or decals, a different glass top shape or maybe you want to add a feature such as Remote lighting or one of our Bluetooth speakers? Whatever your requirements we are only to happy to discuss it & Incorporate it into your design, and to help you visualise we have added our most popular engine templates below so that you can print them out at home to make additions or changes

Payment....Deposits....Can I spread the cost?

Ok, wether you want something stock or completely custom made we try to keep it simple. We ask for 50% of the total order value at the time of order. This is for a few reasons. 1. - We are a business, you can imagine how many calls and messages we get at all hours promising to purchase an item with a payment to follow that never materialises. It would be unfair to our other customers for us to remove that item from sale without a deposit. 2. - That deposit goes straight back into our stock expenditure, so it could very well be assisting the purchase of the glass or custom paint going onto your table. 3. - By paying your deposit we know that you are sincere and in turn we will be sincere in ensuring you get not only what you order but something that far exceeds your expectations. As with most businesses if we have started work on your piece deposits are non returnable under regular conditions so we always ask that you communicate with us at the earliest opportunity if you encounter a problem. Is my deposit safe? You bet it is. Whichever method of payment you choose, you will receive by email a reciept clearly stating your goods ordered, deposit paid and balance expected on completion. Just ask our regulars. To this day not a single customer has had any issue with payment. Can I spread the cost.........? This is always at the discretion of the business. Absolutely - most purchases exceeding £350 can be split into 3 equal payments. This cannot exceed 3 calendar months. There is no interest to pay or charges but the goods cannot be collected or delivered until the goods have been paid for in full. To this day we have only delivered a trustworthy, high quality service which our customers expect from us, what I as designer & owner expect from us. Kristian Fox - Business Owner

Nothing is impossible

Got an unusual request? Then fire away, We get requests that surprise us sometimes but believe me we always welcome ideas. From the unusual to the almost impossible. Just have a look at the dolls house we made for a client's office. A request for a Fast & Furious inspired house complete with bar, lounge (Figure we had to Frankenstein & paint) as they were not in production at the time - engine table, alloy wheel table and various accessories to finish the piece. It was extremely well received by the client and was good fun to do. We often get requests to mod home computer chairs/driving Sims

Your ideas

Here at the Engine Room we have great fun designing & building what we believe are some of the best pieces in the industry, which is why we love to hear your views & ideas as far as what you want to see from us. Our telephone lines and email are available 24/7 for you to message us with ideas or requests at your leisure. And for every idea we put into a line we'll in turn send a special thank you gift your way.

Ok so where do I start? How do I order?

Simply c9ntact us by phone, email, text or any of our social media & we'll happily discuss ideas that will work perfectly with your existing decor, many of our clients start with a simple call or message & even send us pics of their homes so that we can steer them in the right direction of achieving that perfect piece......... Give it a try 🦊

So what's next for 'The Engine Room'?

Well of course you'll shortly be seeing some more celebrity builds, The next being a Delorean 'Back to the future' engine table which will be auctioned in the US with proceeds going to the Michael J Fox Parkinson's Foundation. Delorean have confirmed supply of the engine which as you can imagine once it's been to the engine room will be nothing short of breathtaking & of course raise money for much needed research into finding a cure for Parkinson's Disease as well as assisting those effected by the disease.


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It's quite simply furniture reinvented. After taking delivery of the amazing piece for the showroom it was a matter of hours before I knew I was going to order a table for my home and the finished ...

Jackson Winter - Motorcycle retail outlet

Years ahead of the competition. The engine room made me a projector stand for my home. With the touch of my phone not only does it light up, it starts up. This place is gonna be huge

Saul schuda - Hair salon owner

I feel like I'm 16 again, The mancave now needs an extension

K Donnahue - Entrepreneur

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