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How it all started.....

'Ya'll Go to bed with a smile.......Ya' wake up with a smile'

Back in the very early 90's after finishing high school, owner Kristian was fortunate to have many close family friends that owned small businesses & one of them gave him his first job as an electrical apprentice the very next day after his final school exam. He carried on learning with this company for several years gaining qualifications in Electrical installations, electronics as well as technical drawing. After some years the company abruptly closed leaving Kristian to literally take on the first job he could so that he could provide for his family. That simple bar job brought him close to a colleague by the name of Tom & whilst out celebrating (which became almost nightly) after their shift they found themselves on a New york subway, just them & a homeless man who they decided to share drink fuelled conversation with.

Several weeks passed with not much occuring, They met for their morning surf, again for a couple of hours in the afternoon studying mechanics & finally again on their bar shift. throughout this time hey could both feel something had changed in them since the night they met the homeless man. The advice he gave them both, so simple yet so poignant... 

'Go to bed with a smile, wake up with a smile' .....

Later that evening whilst joking around & as their manager put it 'causing mischief' they were both made redundant (fired)

Realising they were both made for bigger things together they pursued knowledge. Electrical, carpentry, mechanics & a heap of retail jobs in between. Kristian secured a job as an assistant to a very well known furniture designer whilst Tom worked in the warehouse of the company. Whist Tom stayed with the warehouse team Kristian over the years followed the design side. From furniture making, Advanced Paint detail & finishing through to interior planning & design.

Roll on almost 30 years, a failed marriage & countless jobs from where this story started Kristian got fired from yet another job because he was spending all his time doing his hobby. Building engine tables & the like. 

With no job & £94 to his name. Living in a room in a shared house he decided no more.

He bought himself a second hand v8 engine block & pistons he'd seen online. £20 worth of auto paint & alot of imagination.

He contacted a friend who owned a trendy tattoo studio in the area & made the v8 into a table for him at a discounted price in exchange for recomendations. After making several for local clients he approached Brother of the late Paul Walker (Cody Walker) by email asking if he could make him a table in honour of his brother who passed.

months passed before Kristian recieved a request, not from Cody but from acclaimed actor/musician & close friend of Paul Walker - Tyrese Gibson to make him a table similar to what he had made for himself.

After lots of conversation & awesome day at Fuelfest UK the table was complete & featured a drawing of Paul and Tyyrese together forever etched into the Glass top. Now making tables & the like for clients & celebrities both here & in the U.S. Kristian & The engine room have become the go to for Custom made engine tables, in fact anything in that category. With amazing designs & accessories unseen in the industry it's easy to see why he has quickly become so sought after. Alternative furniture?

You ain't seen nothin yet!


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